Top 20 Best Honeymoon Places in India to start your Love Life

Your search for best honeymoon places in India ends here. Why?

Because we have carefully crafted this list of best honeymoon destinations in India. These places are not only within budget but also considered best places for honeymoon couples. Enjoy the time you’ve got with your life partner.

No sooner the hectic marriage schedule is over, you look ahead to go on honeymoon to relax. You intend to spend some quality time with your new partner, away from family and friends.

Remember, it’s not just a vacation, but your chance to get comfortable with your spouse and begin a whole new journey. It’s the time when you collect some private moments that you are going to cherish for your whole life.

honeymoon places in india

While deciding a honeymoon destination, budget also plays an important part. If you don’t have a huge budget and want to look for best honeymoon places in India, here is the list which we have created after comprehensive research.

Best Honeymoon Places in India - List of best honeymoon destinations in india

1. Goa

Goa is the party capital of India. When you visit Goa, it seems to be the little heaven on earth especially for the couples seeking romantic places for honeymoon. This places comes packed with enthralling surprises and challenges, you can never guess what you can come across and have fun with it.

In general, Goa has numerous beaches and nightclubs. However, it also has some clean and attractive places for couples looking for honeymoon places in India.

This place is blessed with plenty of water and large flora and fauna, which can be explored by both of you. Here you can also do scuba diving, which will not only had charm to your new love life, but it will also take two of you to another world.

Have a romantic walk on the beach as the sun touches the horizon. You can also together exlore the rich Portuguese culture, delicious seafood and much more.


2. Andaman and Nicobar Island

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are situated where Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea meets. It’s a group of islands and a best place for honeymoon in India. Spend your romatic days here and get lost in the romantic sensation.

Here you both can also explore neighboring islands and get indulged in water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. The fascinating world under water is surely going to leave you spell bound. You can also enjoy trekking from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban while admiring the flora and fauna here.

Not many places are as romantic as Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It provides you an opportunity to make your honeymoon memorable.


3. Wayanad

Among famous honeymoon destinations in Kerala, the most romantic and unpredictable place is Wayanad, which has lush green forests, cold water reservoirs, tea plantations and waterfalls.

Not to be particularly said in regards to the soothing tourism ideas of the Government and additionally private sectors that seek guests in a large amount, particularly honeymoon couples.

Or maybe, the resorts, special honeymoon cottages, and home-stays are the all around settled cases for how profoundly Wayanad impacted the honeymoon couples to choose this stunning place as their destination for honeymoon.

All of these resorts and home-stays together propagate a savoring setting in the interior and exterior without disturbing the valuable nature. To give some examples, Vythiri Resort, Banasura, Orchard Holiday Resort and many others are very well known in this region.


4. Manali

Also known as ‘Switzerland of India’ has been one of the best honeymoon places in India for the newlywed couples.

The picturesque and natural beauty along with the snow clad mountains surrounding you, is the reason why this has been the favorite honeymoon destination. Since long it has been the preferable choice of most married couples.

Here you can feel the closeness building with each other and capture the moments while holding hands. Later, when you’ll see the pictures with snow-peaked mountains behind you, it is going to remind you of beautiful and romantic time you both had on your honeymoon trip.


5. Alleppey and Munnar

The backwaters of Kerala shout of sentiment with a background that appears to be of a romantic picture. This scenic beauty makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.

A trip to the silent backwaters is all you have to begin to look all starry eyed and fall in love all over again with the person in your arms.

A morning in the houseboats can't compete any amount of shopping or touring that people generally crave for. Allepey is the ideal place for a couple to come more close to each other.

The lovely, lavish, green slopes clad Munnar in a marvelous tourist place in India. Covered via cardamom and tea plantations, Munnar provides you closeness to nature. One of the outstanding special honeymoon destinations in India, Munnar is a lovely place to enjoy with your loved one.

alleppey munnar

6. Srinagar

Kashmir has always been among best honeymoon places in India and Srinagar has been the major reason. The beauty and charm of nature pulls every newlywed couple towards itself. If you want to get in mood, simply go for shikara ride in Dal Lake.

You can also visit the colorful Mughal gardens and fill honeymoon with full of romance and special love. And a visit to pasture lands is going to be a cherry on top.

In order to truly experience the lifelong magic, you need to visit Kashmir and Srinagar by your own, as it can’t be described in words.


7. Sikkim

The major attraction in Sikkim is the small town called Gangtok. It’s a dreamlike place having an unmatched charm and charismatic beauty. A standout amongst the best places for honeymoon in India in the North East, Sikkim has earned its name for being one of the beautiful places in India.

Sikkim gives the ideal location to set the mood with your partner. It additionally has a lot to offer to the nature enthusiastic, activities like trekking and rock climbing keep the newlywed couple engaged.

The cable ride can turn out to be the most romantic thing on the trip as you climb the snow covered mountains.


8. Darjeeling

One of the best places for honeymoon keeps you and your loved one together and helps you collect numerous memories when you go back from here.

When you watch the sun rising above the horizon of Tiger Hills, you bond is going to become stronger. You will once again fall in love with each other and the romantic feeling once again pumps into your blood.

Enjoy and cuddle with each other in the beautiful mountains along with mesmerizing views of Himalayas. Moreover, you will also get to witness Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga Peak.


9. Tawang

This place is not very popular and well known, but we have listed it among best honeymoon places in India because of its beauty and romantic environment. It lies in the North East of India and is a perfect honeymoon destination.

You can see stunning views of lakes and hills, which can’t be explained in words. The place offers you various activities to perform. Enjoy the helicopter ride with your better-half, over this beautiful place as you both fall in love with each other all over again.

Also visit the Tawang monastery, go on road trip and feel the adrenaline rush while rafting in the lakes. Don’t forget to go on trekking and make your bond stronger.


10. Coorg- Karnataka

Isn’t it romantic, to cuddle in your loved ones arms on a lazy Sunday morning amidst the stunning greenery and hills with waterfalls? Coorg not only provides this but much more than that.

Take a trip to this stunning place, with enthralling woods while enjoying the dewy weather.

If you are looking for more fun and activities in this best honeymoon place in India, go to Dubare Reserve Forest and Elephant Camp. You can watch elephants getting trained and also enjoy the fascinating elephant rides.

coorg voyapedia

11. Kovalam

An interesting town brimming with beaches situated in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala is Kovalam. This place lies in nearness to the Arabian Sea and is considered among best honeymoon destinations in India.

The delicious sea food, the ayurvedic massages, the shallow waters make it a perfect resort for the recently married couple.

Kovalam is known for its conventional Ayurvedic massages. Couples who want to relax and feel fresh can go for these back rubs. Both of you can restore and rejuvenate by getting a royal treatment at the ayurvedic centers here.

There are a few specialty inns that offer you rooms with sea views and top of the line services making your stay at Kovalam staggering and a extremely royal one.

The shallow of beaches of Kovalam sit tight for you to take a romantic swim with your partner. A houseboat journey makes your journey completely romantic and a splendid one.


12. Shimla

Honeymoon is about going out to an distant place as well as about knowing your life partner. So what could be a superior Indian honeymoon destination than Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the midst of the Himalayas, Shimla lies at a height of 2205 M above sea level.

This place is known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations', and is generally known for its scenic beauty and the crisp white snow. White is not only a color! It likewise represents the measure of virtue, wholeness and fulfillment.

Shower the fresh start of your wedded life with the essence of white snows. Complete each other with love and most importantly friendship and mark this place as the most romantic place in your love life.


13. Gulmarg

It is a hill station situated in Baramula area of Jammu and Kashmir. The place is based in the Pirpanjal range in the western Himalayas.

The frigid meadows of Gulmarg anticipate you to breathe life into all your romantic feelings and enjoy quality time with each other. The alluring fascination of the snow-clad mountains and valleys of this hill station standpoints some other honeymoon places in India.

It is likewise a center for winter sports activities, particularly skiing and is one of the best relaxation spots among top honeymoon destinations in India. Gulmarg honeymoon package is an ideal approach to arrange your most memorable and romantic excursion in this lovely town.

gulmarg youtube

14. Chikmagalur

This is a dreamlike destination for honeymoon. The clouds touching the lush green hill tops in Chukmagalur fills the place with romance and love.

This place provides the perfect options to plan your special night with your partner. Considering the matchless calmness at this place, you can find good number of resorts to stay at this place. You can select the one as per your budget.

Here, you can see enjoy the scenic beauty and smell the coffee spread in the air. It can be said as one of the mandatory honeymoon places in India. At Chikmagalur, you will feel like living in a paradise. Let your love story bloom in this paradise.


15. Ooty and Kodaikanal

This is considered as the astounding hill station in South India. It is one of the best tourist places in India and a famous honeymoon destination. Beautiful lakes, mesmerizing hills and large trees provide you inner calmness and relaxation from daily routine.

You both can enjoy peacefully and hear each other’s heart beat as you get close to your partner. Take your love to mist covered valleys of Kodaikanal and make your bond stronger than before.

Enjoy the cool breeze and experience eye soothing surrounding with greenery everywhere in Ooty. When you consider this place for honeymoon destination, you will feel like your dreams came true. Walk on twisted pathways, holding hands and also enjoy trekking and other adventurous sports all together.

This place is located deep in the Nilgiri hills and has gained the reputation of best place for honeymoon couples.


16. Lakshadweep Island

An awesome approach to enjoy the vacations with your partner is to be lowered by the splendidly compelling sea. And what can be a better honeymoon destination than Lakshwadeep! A place that can never disappoint you.

A perfect getaway here ought to incorporate a long walk on sunny yellow beaches, romantic nigh swims in the crystal blue waters and atleast a couple of hours of encountering the thrilling activities it brings to the table.

This archiplego of 36 atolls and coral reefs will have various things to offer you. Feel the sea wind all over while surfing; experience the clearly colored coral reefs while scuba diving or intake the freshness of the air on a slothful kayak rides.


17. Udaipur and Mount Abu

Udaipur is among famous honeymoon places in India. This pace in Rajasthan offers a perfect place to start a married life. It is generally said that you can feel the love in air at the City of Lakes.

A view of Palaces in the middle of water and various other royal heritage and artistic things can’t be described in words. Explore the magnificent city with your loved one.

This hill station in Rajasthan gives you relief from heat and sand. This place is situated in the middle of lush green forests, and has cool climate which will rightly set your mood and you can feel romantic with your partner. You and your partner can enjoy numerous activities and also feel fresh air at Mt. Abu.

Udaipur – Mount Abu

18. Dalhousie and Khajjiar

This is a breath-taking place and is located in Chamba Valley. Khajjiar has three ecosystems in it- lakes, forests and green pastures. One of the perfect honeymoon places in India is also known as mini Switzerland of India.

Dalhousie is a small town with enchanting view and majestic menace. It is definitely going to make you fall in love all over again.

It offers you stunning view every morning and you also witness the lovely weather that makes you cuddle with your love. This place can never let you down as your honeymoon destination.

Dalhousie and Khajjar

19. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is a popular place in all travelers diary. Many of them don’t know that it offers a perfect environment for honeymoon couples in an exemplary manner, though.

Mawsmai waterfalls, will take your breath away in the middle of green forests and it is considered among best waterfalls in the world.

The place also offers you various points with calmness and romance filled at same place, where you can spend time with your life partner.


20. Ranikhet

The name means ‘Queen’s Meadows’. This place is not much farther away from Mall Road in the city centre.

Here you can enjoy the nature while taking a walk with your life partner holding each other hands. Here you can experience the walk amidst forest of long English trees.

Isn’t it one of the best honeymoon places in India?


After marriage honeymoon is a very important part. One needs to look for honeymoon places in India in-order to start a new journey and know each other closely.

Moreover, it gives newlywed couple to relax after all the hustle and bustle. After prolonged event of wedding and its preparations, one is sure to get tired and also feel anxiety about starting a new life. Searching for honeymoon destinations in India and then going to that place is going to give some time to start a new life with a new person.

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