20 Amazing Homestay in Coorg that you must try

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Ever dreamed of staying at the height of 3500 ft in the middle clouds with peace and serenity all around. Awesome feeling, Right?

And now you must be thinking that this isn't possible in reality.

But what if I tell you that soon this dream of yours could turn into reality.

Don't believe me?

Let me introduce you the first character of your dream - Coorg.

Coorg is the most famous hill station in Karnataka and the most visited hill station near Bangalore.

homestay in coorg

With pleasant weather throughout the year, Coorg is rich in flora and fauna and is famous for trekking activities as well as white water rafting.

Now, let's know who is the second character, its homestay.

Homestay is a bit different concept from the usual hotel stay. In this, you live in the house of locals of the city you are traveling to.

So when I say homestay in Coorg then it gives reality to your dream.

Still, don't believe me?

Stay with me until the end, and you will start believing.

Let us consider 20 options for homestays in Coorg

Homestay in coorg - 20 beautiful coorg homestay for you to try [2017]

1) Premium Bungalow Stay

Far away from the hustle-bustle of the city life spending some quality time with your loved ones over here is worth it.

The overlooking river Cauvery and the lush green forests surrounding the bungalow makes it an ideal place to spend your vacations.

For a convenient and pleasurable stay with your family, then this Bungalow can be included in your wish list.

The staff here is quite attentive and humble and the food served to you is delectable. The rooms are quite spacious and clean.

Also, they have paid utmost heed to the basic facilities like hot water; the power supply is available to you when required.

To have an unforgettable experience you can approach this Bungalow

1-premium bungalow stay in coorg
  • Estimated Price: INR 3000 per person

2) Holiday in Coorg Delight inn

A very inviting place and most of the credit goes to the owner who greets you wholeheartedly on your arrival.

If you are looking for Madikeri Homestay then it can be one of the best choices as it is located in Madikeri town, so transportation is easily available. The room is neat and tidy with all necessary things available at all times. The staff is courteous and supportive.

If you are visiting with your family, then no need to worry being located in the center this place is safe.

Also if you are looking for budget friendly homestay, then you are done because this is one of the best options in that case.

2-holiday in coorg delight inn
  • Estimated Price: INR 1700 per person

3) Stay at the Backwaters of River Cauvery

Homestay in Coorg and that too at the backwaters of River Cauvery could be fantastic. Isn't it? How amazing it would feel when there is a constant gushing sound of water during your homestay.

It is located near Harangi Dam in Coorg and when here don't forget to take a stroll to Harangi Dam to witness the sunset.

You will always be provided with a caretaker who will always be there to help you. The food served is traditional one or South Indian.

And the best thing about staying here is the bonfire night where you can enjoy with your friends and family, dance and sing songs.

3-stay at the backwaters of cauvery
  • Estimated Price: INR 2250 per person

4) Cottage Stay in the Valley

Unwrap the best of your Coorg homestay when at this place. Located in amidst dense rainforest and beauty, is the perfect place to rejuvenate you. Relax in the cottage with hills all around you.

The highlight of the stay is Bonfire at night and lip smacking food served in breakfast and dinner.

The jeep tour to Mandalpatti could be exciting so go for it.

A place that values money and this is something you too will feel during your stay. Utmost care has been given to your needs.

Spend your vacation in this beautiful cottage observing some awe-inspiring views.

4-cottage stay in valley
  • Estimated Price: INR 2600 per person

5) Stay at the Foothills of Brahmagiri

Homestay in a woody home located amidst a woody forest is something that excites you then you will surely have some excellent time at this place.

Travel to this property located in Virajpet and fulfill your dream of jungle stay.

A barefoot walk on the green grass covered with dew gives you a soothing experience. The warmth of bonfire at night is quite satisfying. And the South Indian cuisine is worth drooling over.

A dining room, living room, and kitchen are available in this homestay. Also, a caretaker would always be present in the house to help you 24 * 7.

5-stay at the foothills of brahmagiri
  • Estimated Price: INR 2500 per person

6) Silent De Coorg Homestay

Home situated in a fascinating picture perfect setting with balcony giving a picturesque view of the hills. Whether you talk about cleanliness or cooperative staff, this place outstands yours every expectation.

Decent rooms and delicious food make it although more special place to be in with your friends and family. Another option for homestay in Madikeri, Coorg.

It is located in Madikeri near Drishti Ganapathi Temple so you can be a part of morning and evening prayers over there.

All facilities are up to the mark like hot water is available all the time, backup of power, queen sized bed, etc.

Balcony and terrace are available and are open all the time. Lastly, it is a perfect place where you can feel safe at any time of the day.

6-silent de coorg homestay
  • Estimated Price: INR 2200 per person

7) Elegant Homestay

How about a Royal homestay in Coorg. Sounds great. Right?

Acknowledge yourself with this beautiful and elegant house located at around 1 km from Madikeri Fort. An inviting and appealing house present in the arms of nature.

A firehouse to give a cozy feeling during winter nights. If you happen to stay here, then you will be provided with two bedrooms, shared kitchen, dining room, and a living room.

Other facilities are a regular supply of hot and cold water, refrigerators, microwave, parking, and most importantly WiFi connection. The owners of the home are gems of a person; they are very humble and polite.

Embrace every moment that you spend at this elegant home.

  • Estimated Price: INR 7200 per person

8) Woody Woods Home Stay

In the serene setting and with tranquility floating around you, you will find this beautiful home in Pannya which is around 10km away from Madikeri.

There is a coffee plantation close by which can be viewed from the balcony and that fragrance of coffee from the plantation will make you drool over it.

The rooms were decent with a king sized bed and other facilities. The only difficulty that you might face would be network connections, but that's ok because when you are on vacation ignoring phone calls and other work is acceptable.

The free breakfast that they will provide you is hygienic and worth tasting. So overall staying at a place like this would make your trip more special and it is a typical coorg homestay for family.

8-woody wood homestay
  • Estimated Price: INR 4100 per person

9) Flora Homes, Madikeri

Now, this is what I call as Home away from Home. A place where you will experience comfort level far beyond your expectation.

With all the necessary facilities like market, pharmacy, clinic, etc available nearby this place is truly a gem.

And the best part about staying here is that you are fully secured because this place is centrally located.

However, that doesn't mean that you won't get the bliss of nature because the balcony and terrace are waiting for you to enjoy the view of mountains.

Also, the rooms and bathrooms are clean, and the food is delicious and hygienic as well.

The owner and the caretakers are so humble that you will feel like booking the same home every time you visit Coorg for homestay.

9-reverberating farm stay in coorg
  • Estimated Price: INR 1950 per person

10) Bgrows holiday homes

A well-maintained house and courteous staff are all that you look for during your stay during a vacation. Isn't it?

And this place is the best for all your requirements.

I can say it a real value for money. The tidy rooms and bathrooms, with a picturesque view from the top of the terrace, is something that you will enjoy the most during your morning breakfast.

The taste of food is not that good sometimes, but they make it sure that the quality is not compromised. The owner of the house is always there to help you plan your trip and for other things.

Overall it's a beautiful place to accommodate when you are away from your home. If you are looking for budget homestay in Coorg then this could be your right choice.

10-flora homes
  • Estimated Price: INR 1900 per person

11) Upbeat Stay in Virajpet

Go for an ecstatic homestay in Coorg at this place where you could feel the nature at its best.

It is probably the best possible escape from hectic city life that you can look forward to. It can be considered as an ideal stay for you if you want to wake up in the morning on the cooing of birds and have breakfast sitting on the balcony with greenery surrounding you. A morning walk to a nearby tea stall would be quite relaxing.

The rooms are spacious enough, and hygienic too. And both vegetarian and non vegetarian food are available which are worth drooling over.

You will cherish each moment that you spend here.

11-bbgrows holiday homes
  • Estimated Price: INR 3350 per person

12) Holiday in Coorg Orchid Villa

What do we guys look for during a homestay?

It’s probably a large house, with all basic amenities, a picture perfect view from the balcony or terrace, centrally located and with a market or restaurant nearby.

Yes or no?

I am sure it's a yes. So let make ourselves aware of this beautiful Villa which located in the heart of Coorg and serving the best facilities in the town.

The owner of the house is helpful and is easily approachable. The best part during your stay in Orchid Villa is that it is located close to most of the popular tourist locations. The food served is also delicious and excellent to have.

All in all its the best place to be in and that too at a budget friendly price when you are away from your home.

12-upbeat stay in virajpet
  • Estimated Price: INR 1950 per person

13) Reverberating Farm Stay in Virajpet

Experiencing farm stay in a hill station of the south would be highly appreciated by you all. It is definitely a unique stay. Right?

And all of us would want to try it once during our vacation.

So let’s explore what does this home offers us.

Located on the river banks of village Chambebellur, this homestay will bring in for you serene and calm environment.

You can go for plantation tour during your stay.

The bathrooms and rooms are good for a stay. The food is the local traditional food and is delicious. A large area present is outside the house where you can sit in silence and during nights can enjoy the warmth of the bonfire.

It is made sure that all your basic requirements are fulfilled so that it turns out to be a happy and memorable homestay in Coorg for you

13-holiday in coorg orchid villa
  • Estimated Price: INR 2750 per person

14) Notting Hill Homestay

As soon as you enter the place, you will be taken aback by the beauty of this place. It is so well maintained and beautifully designed that you will enjoy staying here until the very last day of your vacation.

It is located on a hill amidst of clouds. From the balcony, you get an excellent view of the town and hills. The rooms are spacious, and you can go for either room with a double sized bed or one with king sized bed, all according to your needs.

The caretaker and the owner is polite and makes sure that your stay is delightful and homely.

The food provided to you is scrumptious as well as hygienic.

Stay in Notting Hill, it will enhance the experience of home stay in Coorg and would become one of your worth remembering stays.

14-notting hill homestay
  • Estimated Price: INR 3700 per person

15) Woodland Bungalow

If you are looking for a delightful and simple stay in the lap of nature, then this place will surely work out for you.

A typical Coorg homestay where you will just relax, breathe in fresh air and admire the beauty of nature.

This place is equipped with inside games so that you won't get bored during your stay in the home. Also, there is a vast and beautiful garden area in front where you can enjoy a cup of morning tea with your family.

Some of the choices available to you while you stay in this Bungalow, you can walk to the coffee plantation or pitch a tent in the garden area to enjoy staying close to nature.

Talking about rooms and other facilities you will get three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and eight sleeps, and all are clean and well maintained.

Overall you will have exceptionally well experience during your stay in Woodland Bungalow.

15-woodland bungalow in coorg
  • Estimated Price: INR 12900 per person

16) Mitra Homestay

A homestay located at a distance of around 6 km from Madikeri.

Experience calm and peaceful environment during your stay.

Aroma of coffee due to the presence of coffee plantation right in front of the house is something that you will relish a lot.

The hosts are welcoming and heartwarming personalities, making sure that you have the best experience ever.

The food served is lip smacking. The ambiance is very inviting.

Morning and evening walk through lush green lanes will revive you, and you will feel fresh in that cold breeze.

Sipping a cup of coffee on the patio while interacting with your beloved or even the hosts is a moment to cherish.

16-mitra homestay
  • Estimated Price: INR 2460 per person

17) Coorg JK Stay Homestay

Acknowledge the best of Coorg by homestaying at Madikeri. And therefore visiting the various tourist spots is easy. From beautiful interiors to clean rooms all you will get here.

A fully furnished place with fireplace available to make you feel warm during winter nights.

Breathtaking view of valley and streams from windows will be a scene worth capturing. With two queen sized beds and one king sized bed this place is perfect for homestay when you are in Coorg.

So this homestay unquestionably deserves a thumbs-up from my side.

17-coorg jk homestay
  • Estimated Price: INR 7776 per person

18) Leisure Vacations Copperhill Villa

A perfect homestay in Coorg to experience nature and bounties of Mother Earth. Well maintained room and the quality of each of everything that you will find here is too good.

Located in amidst of coffee plantations you will feel amazing on inhaling coffee rich scents.

The variety of food served will leave you amazed, from traditional Coorg food to South India food to North Indian to Chinese all are available here and that too it tastes perfect.You can even ask for vegetarian or nonvegetarian food. Yes, it is available.

The stay at the top floor which you will prefer because the terrace is easily approachable from there.

The Villa is located at a picturesque location so you can go on capturing the beauty of nature without getting tired.

18-leisure vacations copperhill villa
  • Estimated Price: INR 6480 per person

19) Udaya Homestay

If you don't want to compromise on the luxurious life that you live in your city, then Udaya Homestay might be your cup of tea.

The gem amongst the rest, this homestay is located in Madikeri. A sprawling home and a perfect retreat from the hectic city life. A peaceful place that drives people from far off places to enjoy their stay here.

The interiors of the house are so exquisitely designed that you can't resist yourself from admiring it. The food is exceptionally good and is available on time.

The owner has taken care of about all the necessary facilities that you can require. Everything from wifi to toaster to TV to telephone all things are available.

The cost might exceed your budget, but it’s really worth it and is actual value for money. Also once you give this place a visit next time, you will blindly go up for Udaya Homestay only.

Udaya Homestay is pure bliss with warmth welcome by hosts.

19-udaya homestay
  • Estimated Price: INR 4500 per person

20) Hilltop Heritage Bungalow

If you are nature's devotee, then you will love being here, and even if you are not then its sure that by the time you will leave this place, you will fall in love with nature.

Being tucked at the top of the hill, you will feel rejuvenated all the time breathing in the fresh mountain air. This place is so calm and serene that the loudest sound that you will hear is your heartbeat.

This place is an absolute spic and span and also an ideal destination for honeymoon couples or even families.

The enthusiastic bonfire session during the night, the stunning views from the balcony and walk to the plantation are worth your time and money.

Come, live and admire the beauty of nature at Hilltop Heritage Bungalow.

20-Hilltop Heritage Bungalow
  • Estimated Price: INR 3000 per person

Take out some time from your frenetic schedule visit Coorg and opt for a homestay. If you have already tried it, then you must be knowing what it feels like when you go for homestay and if you haven't tried ever, don't overthink because Coorg is all about you, your family and nature.

Also do let me know in the comment section below that which one is yours favorite coorg homestay

So this time give a twist to your vacations, make them staycation 😉

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