List of Top 20 Places to Visit in Chennai

Chennai is the most preferred tourist destination for people living around. Be it family, couples or kids there are number of places to visit in Chennai.

However, when one visit this city they don’t know what to see and where to visit. To facilitate you, I have prepared a list of 20 best tourist places in Chennai.

There are total of 515 places to visit in Chennai, which can be explored by you. If you want to go for sightseeing in Chennai, it will take around 2-3 days. You can plan to visit most popular 20 tourist places in Chennai in-order to enjoy your trip.

To know more about the 20 best places to visit in Chennai, have a look at the list presented below and plan your trip accordingly.

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Moreover, if you are wondering what the best time to visit Chennai is? I have the answer to this question. You can go to this beautiful and attractive city during the months of February, March, September, October, November and December.

Best Places to visit in chennai - 20 Top Tourist Places in Chennai

1. Marina Beach

This beach is the first choice for everyone who visits Chennai. Marina Beach is the second longest beach in the world.

The silver sand spread across large area facilitates you to take a walk on seashore. Moreover, the sunrise and sun set views are picturesque. You can indulge in various sports including wind surfing, fishing and beach volley ball.

This is soul of the city and is considered as one of the most famous places to visit in Chennai.

If you love to watch people and want to see rich people, celebrities and many other famous personalities, this is the perfect place. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with your family.

There is no entry fee to this beach but a lot of entertainment.

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2. Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga offers an awesome adventure from the scorching sun and it is a visual pleasure for your eyes tired seeing manmade structures.

The recreation center was opened towards the end of 2010 and is one of the most famous places to visit in Chennai.

Situated at downtown area, the 20 acre of land offers to see grand scenes and lush green gardens. The garden has more than 500 plants and trees from all-round the world. Some trees are more than 100 years old.

The artificial waterfall in the park looks real. Kids will love the park, as there are many play structures to keep them engaged.

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3. The Huddleston Gardens of Theosophical Society

The point behind the foundation of Theosophical society is to make all inclusive fraternity where there no distinction among people.

The essence of the general public is to mix the best of lessons of all religions to raise the nature of humankind and its energy.

The world headquarters of Theosophical society is in Chennai and is regarded as one of the Chennai points of interest. Situated in Adyar, a part of Chennai, it charges regard from individuals having a place with all religions.

The society was built up here in the year 1883. The 260 acre of land Huddleston Gardens is a birdwatchers' heaven. You can find various type of birds here.

The banyan tree at the center of garden promptly strikes a chord among the general population of Chennai, as the 450 year old tree is one among the biggest trees the world. The tree covers a 59500 sq. feet of land. This place raises your spirit.

The library inside the campus has extraordinary accumulations surpassing two lakh books. Different accumulations incorporate palm-leaf original copies and numerous antiquated books of different beliefs.

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4. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

How can you miss to visit the first ever zoo of India? Arignar Anna zoological park was established in year 1855. Initially zoo was in Moor market but in 1976 it was shifted to Vandalur market.

The zoo is spread in the area of 510 acres and houses over 170 species of wildlife. This makes it a must visit Chennai tourist place.

Some of the wildlife creatures found here are tiger, lion, panther, elephants and much more.

You can also enjoy elephant rides and lion safaris. You also have an option to visit this zoo by walking or even use the battery operated vehicles.

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5. Pulicat Lake

This lake is among famous tourist places in Chennai. Chennai is not green and you will find very few places that will get you close to the Mother Nature.

Therefore, it becomes really important to visit this place. Publicat Lake is situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and the atmosphere here is peaceful and you can relax full day here.

Many activities are popular here and one of them is Boat Ride and you also get a chance to indulge in fishing while boating. At Pulicat Lake, among well-known Chennai places to visit, you can also see the ruins of 17th century Danish Fort.

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6. Kapaleeswarar Temple

It is one of the oldest temples in the city and is counted among best places to visit in Chennai.

It is believed that Kapaleeswarar Temple was built in 7th century by Pallava Kings. Also a song by Nayanmars describes the same.

The architecture of this place is amazing and is not as old as they seem to be around 400 years.

Therefore, it is said that Portuguese destroyed the original temple as mentioned in the song and the present structure was built in 16th century. This temple is a classic example of Dravidian style of monument and design.

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7. Breezy Beach

Breezy beach is one of the famous places to hangout in Chennai and is popular for its unpolluted atmosphere.

This beach is situated in Valmiki Nagar in Chennai and is still untouched from commercialization and is therefore very calm and quiet.

A perfect beach for walk and enjoy sunset view. As the sea is clean, therefore many water sports are popular here. You can swim in water and even go on a boat ride.

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8. National Art Gallery

National Art Gallery was set up in 1907 and is a popular tourist place in Chennai.

The impact of Indo-Saracenic design is manifest in the red sandstone development, which has four areas specifically Tanjore Painting Gallery, Ravi Varma Painting Gallery, Indian Traditional Art Gallery and Decorative Art Gallery.

Artists would love this place as it has in plain view a portion of the old paintings and handicraft work that go back to eleventh century.

The Rock and Cave Art Gallery in Chennai area offers fascinating minutes with the setting of caverns looking natural and with facilities, for example, interactive Son-et-lumiere, Tran slides and touch screen in the caves to make the session intriguing.

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9. Connemara Public Library

Connemara Public Library was built up in the year 1896. You could discover numerous extraordinary and uncommon accumulations in the library, which brags of having wealthier data crosswise over different subjects.

The library is among important places to visit in Chennai and itself is complicatedly outlined and the design is a mix of Southern Hindu Deccani, Gothic, Rajput and Mughal.

The library houses periodic hall, a video room and a reference room.

Braille library is additionally found here. The accumulation of books is extremely great and they take into account the necessities of the students and teachers alike.

The library is one among the four National Depository Libraries in India that gets copies of all daily papers, periodicals and books published in India.

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10. Little Mount Shrine

Little Mount Shrine has a rich history related with it. You can discover the cave where St. Thomas went covering up before being martyred here.

The absence of consideration in protecting essential structures and landmarks is evident here as well as you can discover a stone that bears St. Thomas' impressions, which was not given due consideration before to protect it for future era's view.

You can also go to such Chennai places to visit which offers a decent perspective of the city and the Chennai air terminal. It is a worth a place to visit in Chennai in the event that you need to experience a touch of the past and appreciate some lovely environment.

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11. MGM Dizzee World

If you are looking for the ultimate fun then this is among popular places to hangout in Chennai and you can even call it as the best spot for picnic and enjoyment. MGM Dizzee World has number of rides.

You can enjoy amusement rides, slides and water park. Moreover, you will also get the pool that makes a perfect weekend getaway for family in Chennai.

Activities you can get indulged in are: Creeper Bug, Caribbean Swing, Dodgem Car and many other thrilling rides.

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12. Dakshinachitra, Muttukadu

Dakshinachitra is a remarkable culturally diverse living museum of art, lifestyle, architecture, crafts and performing arts of South India.

It has an accumulation of eighteen old style houses which have been reestablished and delineates the past time of South India. In view of its closeness to the city, it is among the most visited Chennai tourist places for one day picnic.

In order to reach this place you need to cover the distance of 25 km and this Muttukadu is situated along the ECR from Chennai.

13. Covelong

It is a famous Chennai tourist place and on the off chance that you are searching for a picnic spot this little fishing town on the Coromandel coast—Covelong beach may very well be the place for you.

The sand is white and clean and is flanked by palm trees, which makes the place a wonder to view.

You can reach Covelong Beach through road via Kotturpuram.

The activities you can get involved are: A walk through various forts, mosques and churches. Moreover, you can also enjoy windsurfing, swimming and other water sports.

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14. Mahabalipuram

One of the popular places to see in Chennai is Mahabalipuram which is an ancient port city and is known for its temples and beaches. This is also a World Heritage Site and is popular for archaeological wonders.

Mahabalipuram is at a distance of 52 km from Chennai and can be reached by taking the East Coast Road.

You can also get involved in activities like exploring monuments such as Arjuna’s penance, Shore Temple, Tiger’s Cave and Five Rathas. Also you can go for picnic on clean and calm beach.

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15. Sadras

An ancient Dutch port which is known for its untouched beaches and old Dutch fort. Sadras is a perfect tourist place in Chennai for picnic with friend and family.

You also need to spend some time alone, away from traffic of the city.

Sadras is located 70 km away from Chennai. To reach here take a road trip on the ECR via Mahabalipuram.

You can experience the beach and the fort. You’ll have ample of space to run and relax.

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16. Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is famous for its sarees and it is known as the Silk City. This is among Chennai tourist places and famous for thousands of temples and is also known as the cultural and religious hub of South India.

The place is at a distance of 72 km and to reach here you can drive on NH4 via Varadarajapuram, Thandalam and Sri Perumbudur.

The major attraction here is Kanchikudil, a 90 year old house which showcases the olden-style temple and designs.

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17. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Want to explore one of the India’s oldest Bird Sanctuaries? Visit Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, which is among popular places to visit in Chennai. You can see approximately 30,000 birds during every migratory season.

This picnic spot close to Chennai attracts in huge numbers of herons, egrets, storks, ibises and spoonbills and it is an incredible place to watch the birds’ homes.

To reach this place take NH45 to Padalam Junction via Chengalpattu.

Here you can experience picnic around the lake and bird watching.

18. Nellapattu Sanctuary

It is located in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh and is among popular tourist places in Chennai.

Nelapattu bird sanctuary is also a popular bird sanctuary in India and is commonly visited by bird lovers. The place is also a breeding ground for endangered species.

To reach Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary you can travel a distance of 90 km from road via NH5.

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19. Mudaliarkuppam

Mudaliarkuppam backwaters is a bitter water tidal pond adjacent to the Bay of Bengal. One can witness a plenty of swimming winged creatures and migratory flying creatures in the saltpans and sandbanks around there.

The Raindrop Boat house created by the TNTDC on the Odiyur lake backwaters is the thing that makes it a standout amongst the most mainstream tourist places in Chennai.

Here you can gain experience at Boat Houses which offers you variety of activities like speed boating, row boating, kayaking, pedal boating and banana boat rides.

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20. Elliot's Beach

Presently renamed as Besant Nagar Beach, Elliot's is one of the famous places to visit in Chennai and is less crowded than the prominent Marina Beach.

On the southern side this seashore are the famed Ashta Lakshmi Temple and Velanganni Church, well known among the inhabitants of Chennai.

The Schmidt Memorial is yet another draw of Elliott Beach which was built in recognition of a Dutch sailor, Karl Schmidt. Go to experience a quiet evening directing the waves as they move into the shore.

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous Chennai places to visit. However, we have prepared a list of top 20 Chennai tourist places which are popuar among general public. The people here live in harmony with each other irrespective of caste, color and religion.

The city has various historical monuments and beaches along with sanctuaries which are worth visiting places in Chennai. Now you have known the names of tourist places to visit in Chennai.

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