Places to visit in Pune for perfect Weekend

Being the social capital of Maharashtra, Pune city has a glorious history to tell. Aside from the rich history which can be found in every one of the Pune sightseeing, this city is additionally acclaimed for its night life. 

This list of places to visit in pune is exactly what you need to explore the true beauty of this amazing city.​

One might say that you can enjoy both the tastes by visiting tourist places in Pune. What is considerably all the more fascinating about this place is that it is considered as one of the finest cities to live in.

Furthermore, if you are making a plan to visit Pune points of interest then here is a list of 20 most famous and best places to visit in Pune.

best places to visit in pune

We have made sure that you don’t miss a single tourist place to visit in Pune. Go through this list and get ready for the most memorable tour to Pune city.

Top 20 best places to visit in pune - Tourist places in pune [2017]

1. Aga Khan Palace

The Aga Khan Palace is a demonstration of the design wonders of a bygone era. Considered as one of the biggest Pune points of interest in Indian history, The Aga Khan Palace is a marvelous building that was built in 1892.

Its other distinguishing fame is that it served as a jail for Mahatma Gandhi and other noted freedom fighters amid the Indian Freedom Movement.

Aga Khan Palace contains Italian curves, sprawling green gardens and tremendous hallways that now house numerous photographs and pictures that portrait the life of different freedom fighters.

Furthermore, it has the Gandhi National Memorial Society and a shop that deals with the sale of Khadi and other handloom materials.

Aga Khan Palace pune

2. Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada was used as a seat of power by Peshwa rulers of the Maratha Empire.

This glorious architectural building was a luxurious fort which was built by Peshwa Baji Rao I following the victory in the Third Anglo Maratha War.

This fort was wrecked in 1823 by the fire. From that point forward this fort has been a major sightseeing in Pune by the tourists who visited this city.

When you enter you are welcomed by grand armored gates, gigantic royal palaces and mesmerizing fountains.

Shaniwar Wada pune

3. Osho Ashram

Osho ashram is counted as one of the famous visiting places in Pune and is definitely going to give you a whole new experience. The ashram is located inside a Korgaon Park and is popular as Pune points of interest.

The ashram is situated in a area of 40 acres and is a meditation centre. Here you can get massages and meditation. Also many theatres, workshops and many other things keep on taking place here.

You can choose between spending some time alone or converse with people visiting Pune from various countries. A perfect and calm place to relax.

Osho Ashram pune

4. Sinhagad Fort

This fort is located at a distance of 30 km from Pune. This is also considered as one of the famous places in Pune due to the trekking opportunity it provides to the tourists.

The location of Sinhagad Fort is on Bhuleshwar range of the Sahyadri Mountains. Here, you not only enjoy the cool climate of Pune but also come to know the history of fort.

This fort once acted as an active military base during the Maratha Empire.

The fort is among well-known tourist destinations in Pune, especially for those people who are interested in knowing the extravagant design of Maratha along with the scenic beauty.

Sinhagad Fort

5. Chaturshringi Temple

Chaturshringi temple is a Hindu temple situated on the Slope of a hill on the Senapati Bapat Street and is considered as one of the most important places to visit in Pune.

It is an extraordinary 90 feet high and 125 feet wide structure that houses the hallowed place of the Goddess Chaturshringi.

One needs to climb 100 staircases to reach the holy place of the goddess which is said to be an image of confidence and power.

The complex of temple additionally incorporates place of worship of the Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga also. This incorporates smaller than usual idols of Ashtavinayaka which are altogether situated on 4 unique hillocks.

Goddess Chaturshringi is said to be the authoritative goddess of Pune on account of which this is a noteworthy tourist place to visit in Pune.

Chaturshringi Temple

6. Parvati Hill

One of the important Maharashtra points of interest, Parvati Hill is located at the Southern end of the city. The Hill has 4 major temples of Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh and Kartikeya.

The chief temple here is Parvati Temple, which was a private shrine of Maratha rulers during their Empire. If you want to reach here, a 108 stones steps are needed to be crossed, a sure shot adventure place in Pune.

Moreover, you can’t miss the Parvati Museum which houses ancient paintings and hand-written scripts.

Parvati Hill

7. Pataleshwar

Pataleshwar has been announced as a secured landmark and among major tourist places to visit in Pune by the government. This eighth century rock-cut temple built amid the Rashtrakuta dynasty is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

There's a Linga arranged inside the inward sanctum flanked by two littler cells on either side.

There is also a Nandi Mandapa which is the most unconventional element of the Pataleshwar architecture. The temple is still being used and the Linga is blessed with ghee and yogurt.

In the event that you need to see ancient Indian designs which are common in the present day and age, at that point Pataleshwar is the place you ought to go in Pune city.


8. Shinde Chhatri

Want to explore historical places in Pune? If yes, then you can afford to miss Shinde Chatri which is among famous places in Pune and for its excellent design. This is a memorial of Mahadji Shinde.

The structure is well maintained and is popular for its newly prepared Anglo-Rajasthan architectural designs.

At main hall has a effigy of Mahadji, carvings, the vessels used by the family for prayer, paintings and clicks of Scindia ancestors.

Shinde Chhatri

9. Bund Garden

If you are a nature lover that you will never skip these most renowned places to visit in Pune. Bund Garden is one of the most blessed nature lovers place.

This is situated at approximately 2 km away from Pune city and is idle place for people who want to spend some time with nature.

Moreover, it’s a good place for picnics with family, friends and couples. You can even watch migratory birds and enjoy boat ride in Bund Garden.

Bund Garden

10. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Paying a visit to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is definitely going to make your day and is counted as one of the famous tourist places in Pune.

The zoo looks good and recently there has been increase in the number of animals.

The Park is divided into three portions. One is animal orphanage, second is Snake Park and third is a zoo which also includes Katraj Lake spread in an area of 42 acres.

You can easily observe tigers, deer, white tiger, elephants and sloth bears in this park. If you want, a boat ride is going to set your mood.

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

11. Mulshi Dam

In the list of best places to visit in Pune, Mulshi Dam has managed to creep in. This can be found in the west of the city.

The area around Mulshi Dam has been created as tourist destinations in Pune. You can also find various resorts near to the lake, which has been framed by the water of this Dam.

On the off chance you are lover of nature, you are really going to enjoy the magnificent view of Sahyadris. This place can also be counted as the romantic places in Pune and even for those who are creative at heart.

Mulshi Dam

12. Khadakwasla Dam

Drive to Khadakwasla Dam, which is situated at 20 km distance from Pune city.

The zone around the dam has turned out to be very famous places to visit in Pune among the visitors because of its pleasant setting.

Peacock Bay, Kudje town, Neelkanteshwar, situated close to Bahuli town and Sinhagad street bordering the dam have turned out to be most loved picnic spots at Pune tourist places.

Khadakwasla Dam

13. Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort is another fantastic evidence of the brilliant Peshwa rule in Pune.

Located around 57 km from Pune on Pune-Lonavala road, the stronghold appears to have a rich history with leaders of a few kingdoms possessing it at various timeframes.

For the most part in ruins now, Lohagarh Fort has an appeal that nobody can deny.

The fort disregards the Pavana Reservoir and makes superb vantage point for photography and makes its position in must visit places in Pune.

Lohagarh Fort

14. Vetal Hill

You need to go to Vetal Hill, in the event that you are in Pune for sightseeing. Vetal Hill is the most elevated point in the Pune city and do I have to state more?

Offering a fantastic view from the top, where Vetala Temple stands, Vetal is unquestionably among best tourist places near Pune in the event that you are trying to take some amazing pictures of Pune city.

The most ideal approach to reach here is to trek, which is a good idea to execute early in the morning. It is to be sure a joy to watch the dawn see from here.

Vetal Hill

15. Shivaji Bridge

On the off chance that your point is to get some truly cool Pune city images, Shivaji Bridge would be the ideal Pune tourist places to end up noticeably footloose.

It is an old bridge and furthermore the passage point to Old Pune city. The place makes an incredible vantage point and is likewise a better than average place for going out for a walk.

It is located near Shanivarwada. To reach this place you need to take the road opposite to Mangla Theatre towards Congress Bhavan.

Shivaji Bridge

16. Eat at Vaishali and Coffee at Roopali

A travel lover knows that a perfect Pune sightseeing starts with an overwhelming breakfast. What's more, while you are in Pune, eating at Vaishali and some espresso at Roopali can give your day a kick start.

Few voyagers come here to appreciate the morning treats, so you have a decent chance to connect with them and find out about their ways and reasons to come and explore places to see in Pune.

You can also enjoy Maharashtrian and South Indian breakfast here. In-order to reach here you have to go to Ferguson College Road.

Eat at Vaishali and Coffee at Roopali

17. Lavasa Bike Ride

Alright, the USP of tourist places in Pune! Lavasa, which is located around 57 km from Pune makes a phenomenal place for a bicycle ride experience.

The voyage amongst Pune and Lavasa is basically exotic; the winding way bordered one side with mountain and other with thick forest.

Roads that are enough wide for a two way traffic to move and the view that is some way or another can’t be described ought not to be missed. This is likely one bicycle trip in Pune that will stay scratched in your memory.

Lavasa Bike Ride

18. Pu La Garden

One of the popular places to hangout in Pune. Although, there are many and then there is Pu La Garden.

Roused by the extremely popular Japanese Okayama's Kōraku-en Garden, Pu La or Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden is a place in Pune to be looked for comfort and relaxation.

The garden brags huge numbers of fascinating blossoms, imaginative scene, thorough scope of plants and a quiet atmosphere that is sincerely elusive anyplace else.

In this way, it is prescribed that once you are finished with ticking everything on your list of must visit tourist places near Pune, you should spend some energy here at the stunning Pu La Garden.

It is situated on Sinhagad Road and it open from 6 am to 10:30 am and 4 pm to 8 pm.

The entry ticket to this garden is INR 5.

Note: Photography is entirely disallowed, in the event that you wish to take pictures, please get permission from Sambhaji Uddan, J. M. Street.

Pu La Garden

19. Tribal Museum

It is close to the railway line, which is on east to the railway station. Maharashtra is a tremendous nation and there is uncountable number of tribal in this nation.

Having diverse languages, these tribes have their own nourishment habits, taboos, and convictions - in short distinct societies.

Tribal Museum shows the way of life of the tribal groups for the most part from the Sahyadari and Gondwana areas.

It is a place where one can discover to get an understanding into the lives of the tribal groups of Maharashtra, and on account of this Tribal Museum has been listed in Pune places to visit.

Tribal Museum

20. Koregaon Park

Here's the place where Pune tourism can be enjoyed! The best time to visit here would be evening as the place wakes up. People come here to relax with companions and to serve them; numerous restaurants and cafes have been opened here.

One has an opportunity to try assortment of foods both domestic and worldwide. Koregaon Park can likewise be an extraordinary place for road shopping and to acknowledge street art.

If you want to know the places to see in Pune, this park can be explored by going to Sheesha Café, ABC Farms and German Bakery.

Koregaon Park
  • Apart from the Best 20 Places to Visit in Pune, we are listing one more Pune siteseeing which is also considered as one of the preferred tourist places in Pune. This place is also known as the favourite place to visit in Pune for children.

21. Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar is a among the pleasant Pune places to visit for the sake of entertainment and enjoyment. Appu Ghar welcomes you entire heartedly.

It is an amusement stop, with numerous offices of happy making and offers numerous fun related activities. Appu Ghar is situated at Indira Gandhi Udyan in Pune, prior known as Bund Garden (other popular places to visit in Pune).

It has developed to be a noteworthy excursion spot with perfectly lit up pathways and beautiful gardens.

Prime attractions in the Garden are the alluring still lake and huge spread of unexplored uneven hilly terrains, which is also a hidden place in Pune.

On the off chance that you visit Pune, don't miss the visit to Appu Ghar, particularly kids like this awesome place.

Appu Ghar

All these places to visit in Pune have their own attraction and beauty. Like everything has a history, when you visit these tourist places in Pune, you also get a chance to know the story behind that location.

If you are a wildlife photographer, adventure freak and photo enthusiast there are numerous places around Pune for you.

Furthermore, Pune sightseeing can’t end until and unless you take a trip to Empress Garden and Taljai Hills.

The all around the year, peaceful and comforting weather is an added advantage to visit tourist places in Pune and get to know Marathi culture closely.

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