Top 18 Wayanad Tourist Places that you must visit

Planning a trip to wayanad, then you must read this entire article on best places to visit in wayanad. Why? Because you dont want to miss on the most amazing wayanad tourist places right ?

Situated in the north-east region of Kerala, about 250 km from Bangalore, Wayanad district is the central town of Kalpetta. This district is perched on the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau.

The high and lows of the region amidst the enchanting jungles of the Western Ghats makes Wayanad one of the Best Hill Stations in South India.

wayanad tourist places

The location gives a wide variety of site seeing and places to relax amidst the local culture and some authentic food. The Wayanad tourist placs are also extremely mesmerizing.

The only district of Kerala that shares borders with both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka; Wayanad's lush forests are 3,000 years. Let’s take a look at the best tourist places to visit in Wayanad and see what Wayanad tourism offers the visitors.

Wayanad tourist places - Top 18 places to visit in wayanad [2017]

1. Chembra Peak (Kalpetta)- Top Wayanad tourist place to visit

Wayanad is famous for its hills and mountains, and one of the peaks that are also the highest hill in Wayanad is the Chembra Peak that offers a chance to trail the beautiful valleys and also some adventure trekking amidst some twisted tracks.

This is an excellent way to experience the wilderness of this hill valley from a day long trek.

Tourists are provided with sleeping bags & tents or huts along with trekking pieces of equipment at the trek begin of the trek in many stores around here.

After exploring the backwoods, the breathtaking view of the top of the hill is your price at the end of the day.

1.Chembra Peak (Kalpetta)

2. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Kalpetta)- One of the popular tourist places in Wayanad

Wayanad has several wildlife sanctuaries; among it is the Wayanad wildlife reserve.

This place is located between Mysore and Sulthan Bathery and forms an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve; the sanctuary is one of the most beautiful spots in the region.

This is a world heritage site blessed with great biodiversity and to enhance its beauty the sanctuary is a home to a wide variety of wildlife.

It hosts Indian Bison, elephant, deer and tiger and several species of birds, and peafowl is a very common sight here.

A visit to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a must for a great day spent at exploring the remarkable biodiversity of the region.

2.Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Kalpetta)

3. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary- One of the Wayanad points of interest

Muthanga, Which is 16 km. East of Sulthan Bathery, is other such Wild forests cover spread in an area of 345 sq. Km from the Muthanga wild life sanctuary.

Mutanga wildlife sanctuary is the biggest abode of wild animals in Malabar. Commonly seen are the Elephants, bison, spotted deer, wild bear, tiger, cheetah.

You can take an elephant ride to see these amazing animals moving past by your side.

This is a must visit places to experience real wildlife encounters. You need special permission from the forest department and night travel is forbidden.

The road closes at 6.30 pm and only opens the next morning at 6.30 am because of the wild elephants crossing and also seen sleeping on the streets.

3.Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

4. Pookot Lake (Kalpetta)- #4  on the list of places to see in Wayanad

Pookot lake spread in an area of 8.5 ha and is considered as one of the best Wayanad tourist places. It is a natural fresh water lake surrounded by ever green mountains, brimmed over with aquatic life. The weather here is splendid, and the scenic beauty is unspoiled and hypnotizing.

Pookot lake is the most sought after tourist spot apart from Wayanad. There are aquariums and a green house here as well. You can paddle the boats and enjoy the family or shop for exotic spices and handicraft items.

The Wayanad sightseeing is incomplete without a visit to this holy site. There is Sita Devi Temple and the Sunrise Valley that offer an excellent view of the sun in proximity to the lake.

The weather here is mesmerizing; the scenic beauty of the lake and the nature around here is unspoiled. Pookot lake tourist is the most sought after tourist spot of Wayanad.

4.Pookot Lake (Kalpetta)

5. Kuruvadweep (Kalpetta)- among best Wayanad places to see

Kuruva Island is a segregated famous picnic spot and is popularly known as Kuruva Dweep. It lies on the edge of the River Kabini.

This island is located away from the main town district and is inhabited by rare species of birds, herbal plants, and orchids. This island is spread over a vast area of around 950 acres of evergreen forest.

The region is famous for getting a glimpse into the natural treasure of the merging small stream of waters.

This island is also nearby Begur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to various wild animals and birds. You can enjoy boating and camping here as well.

5. Kuruvadweep (Kalpetta)

6. Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary (Kalpetta)- Interesting Wayanad sightseeing

Pakshipathalam means the cave of birds is a Bird Sanctuary is in the Brahmagiri hills near the Thirunelli Temple in Wayanad. You need to travel and cover 17 Km inside the moist, dense deciduous forests amidst gently flowing streams to arrive at this spot.

The area has many deep rock caves amidst thick blocks of rocks abodes various birds and wild animals.

Pakshipathalam presents itself as a challenging tourist spot for all the adventure seeking people, and there is lots of exploration to be done like trekking, visiting the rich wild forests.

You need to obtain a special permit from the District Tourism Promotion Council and also arrange a vehicle, guide and some camping equipment available for hire.

6.Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary (Kalpetta)

7. Wayanad Heritage Museum (Ambalavayal Heritage Museum) (Sultan Bathery)

The Wayanad Heritage Museum depicts the history of Wayanad and its heritage and culture. It is one of the best archaeological museums in Kerala along with Wayanad tourist places.

The museum has an extensive collection of 14th and 16th-century sculptures, potteries belonging to the megalithic age, it also has interesting artifacts and idols, including ancient farming tools, jewelry, hunting and fishing weapons.

These stone idols and weapons are ancient datings back to 12th century, ancient terracotta and local art.

This museum is situated 12 km away from Sulthan Bathery is segregated into four blocks. The Veerasmruthi block comprises of various kinds of pictorial rock called Veera Kallu or Hero Stones. These stones depict the valiant warriors belonging to the bygone era.

Gothrasmruthi and Jeevanasnruthi blocks display articles related to tribal people like headgear, jewelry, hunting and fishing weapons and musical instruments.

7.Wayanad Heritage Museum

8. Meenmutty Falls (Kalpetta)- Among top Wayanad tourist places

Meenmutty Waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Wayanad. 2km away from Ooty road, this three-faced waterfall has a height of 300 meters. After some hectic journey, this waterfall is all welcoming with the dreamiest sights.

The Meenmutty Falls is known to fall from a height of about 1000 meters in three separate stages. This serves as an ideal location for movie makers.

The Tourism Information Centre located at the site provides all the trekking and hiking equipment required to hike up to 2 Km before reaching the spot. The nearest bus station that leads straight up till here is the Meppadi Bus Station and Sulthan Bathery Bus Station.

Two places worth visiting near the Meenmutty falls; within 2 km distance are Banasura Sagar Dam and Banasura Hills.

Golden Valley is another famous tourist attraction and is readily available from here.

8.Meenmutty Falls (Kalpetta)

Kombaikani waterfalls are also located within a 2Km Trek from here. Permission from forest departments needs to be obtained to visit this waterfall, and you can stay over in the forest rest house located here.

Accommodation can also be provided with permission from the forest department.

9. Banasura sagar Dam- Mesmerizing Wayanad tourist place to visit

Located at 3200 ft is the mist-clad hill of Banasura that offers a much more enriching experience rather than just a vacation spot.

Situated within 35-acre farms amidst the lush tropical forest this is the largest earth dam in India and the second largest one in Asia made from a massive stack of stones and boulders.

Located in the backdrop of Banasura hill makes it a picturesque tourist site. During the monsoon; the dam floods the nearby area and forms many patches of islands nearby. These small islands amidst clear waters make it an ideal location for photography.

You can zoom past on the crystal clear waters on a power boat; you can also engage yourself in trekking and boating too. There is a small nature park next to the boating place.

9.Banasura sagar Dam

10. Neelimala View Point- #10 on Beautiful Wayanad tourist places list

The continuous Meenmutty Waterfalls gushing further down its course is an impressive sight to watch from the Neelimala viewpoint.

On your way up to the Neelimala viewpoint, you move along the coffee plantations on both sides, and further up you get to see small holdings of ginger and areca nut.

The sides of the path are also dotted with purple bush flower plants and that houses the chirping sunbirds and other varieties of small birds.

On attainment, you get the pleasant view with eye-catching looks of butterflies of distinct colors all around.

10.Neelimala View Point

11. Chembra Peak

Wayanad’s abundance with the hills, rocks, and valley provide a lot of scope for adventure tourism. Trekking at the Chembra peak is adventurous however a daring endeavor as well.

Chembra peak is the highest hill in Wayanad is located near Meppady town. Trekking to the top of this mountain will take 3 hours, and on the top, you get to see a heart shaped lake which is known to have never dried up.

An overnight stay is not allowed, and prior permission needs to be taken from the District Tourism Promotion Council which also provides guides, canvases and trekking implements on hire.

From the top, you will see the entire Wayanad including the Kozhikode, Malappuram and Nilgiri districts too.

11.Chembra Peak

12. Edakkal Cave

Located 25 kilometers from Kalpetta; the Edakkal cave in the Ambukuthy mountains is not cave in the real sense. It is only a cleft about 96ft. Long and 22ft wide in the rocks.

It is a fissure made in the rock is formed due to splitting off of the rock from the main body due to natural cause. The depth of both the cleft and the fissure is 30 ft.

What makes it appear like a cave to an ordinary observer is the fact that another portion of the large cleft, weighing several tons, has fallen on the top forming a roof.

The rock wall has some interesting carvings on it; these sculptures represent human and animal figures and objects of human use and symbols.

These sculptures show the advancement of civilization in the people who dwelled here in the prehistoric.

12.Edakkal Cave

13. Kuruva Island

The Kuruva Island is amidst 950 acres of evergreen forest on the tributaries of river Kabini.

This uninhabited island makes it for an ideal picnic spot, far away from the disturbances of city life.

This evergreen island houses rare species of birds, orchids, and herbs can be found here. It is 17 Km.

Entry to the island is restricted during rainy seasons and is open from October to May 9-5 pm.

13.Kuruva Island

14. Lakkidi

Lakkidi is one of the highest locations in Wayanad. Lakkidi has tucked away between hills locked Valley and virgin forest; is famous for its picturesque scenery.

It is about 58 km. North-East of Kozhikode and five km. south of Vythiri. The lofty mountain peaks, gorging stream, lush vegetation and the bird's eye view of the deep valley, the whiff of fresh air and mist filled cool breeze is breathtaking.

A 12 km long journey from Adivaram to Lakkidi through sharp bends amidst thick forests is a fascinating experience.


15. Bamboo Forests, Muthanga

A part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Region, Muthanga is spread over a vast area filled with teak forests, bamboo groves, and swamps.

These bamboo forests are a house to rich of biodiversity, and you can easily spot deer, bison, cheetah, wild bear. You have to hire a jeep to go inside

15.Bamboo Forests, Muthanga

16. Pakshipathalam

Pakshipathalam in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli provides a challenging tourist spot adventure seekers. You have to travel 17 Km inside the forest to reach Pakshipathalam.

Pakshipathalam, a picturesque sleepy little place and has deep caves, formed among the thick blocks of rocks which are an abode to various birds and wild beasts and forms the main attraction in Wayanad tourism.

These caves were the dwelling point for Rishis and Sages in olden days. This is a perfect place for a one-day excursion however special permission has to be obtained from Forest Department.

Pakshipathalam Tourism Promotion Council arranges vehicle, guides, camping equipment, etc. for tourists on hire.


17. Thirunelli Temple (Kalpetta)

Thirunelli Temple dates back to 3000 years are known for its incredible architecture adorned with 30 granite columns. .It is a temple of Lord Vishnu.

Over here; the way they still use the scientific method of bringing water from the hills up till here is quite amazing to witness.

Things you can do here at the Thirunelli Temple is to pay a visit inside the temple to experience the peace and tranquility and then go to nearby connected places from here like Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary, Iruppu Falls which is 6.3 Km away from here, Brahmagiri Hill is also at the same distance from this temple.

The other main attractions near the temple are Banasura Sagar Dam and Pookot Lake which are also well-known Wayanad tourist places.

17.Thirunelli Temple (Kalpetta)

18. Waterfalls- Other Wayanad places to visit

Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is at Vellarimala village near Chooralmala; is a picnic spot and a trekking center. The Sentinel rock is about 300 height, is ideal for rock climbing.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls is relatively smaller and less frequented than Sentinal Rock Waterfall; nonetheless, it’s delightful to be here. An easy hike away from the main road, it is a perfect place for a picnic.

Soochippara Waterfalls at Soochippara near Meppadi is a treasure of nature, is entirely unexplored and offer great peace and calm to the soul. The stretches of waterfalls are 100 to 300 feet height and are a treat to the eyes. The pool below the waterfall provides a nice place for water rafting, swimming, bathing. The tree top huts at Soochippara give a unique view of the valleys of the Western Ghats.

Tourists love to take a sleepy retreat in Wayanad tourist places and enjoy the panoramic view and surroundings of the waterfalls.

18.Waterfalls- Other Wayanad places to visit

There are many tourist spots in Wayanad, and the ones above are just a few. They don’t cover more than half of the beauty that is present in this district of Kerala. So pack your bags and head out for a well-deserved vacation that is guaranteed to provide you a lifetime experience.

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