Top 20 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore you should visit

The city doesn’t only provide place for the techies but also throws some light on the princely architectural works and the royal walls that surrounds Bangalore.

Now, Bangalore city is officially named as Bengaluru and weekend getaways from bangalore are loved throughtout India.

The city is a mix of modernity, spirituality, and Indian heritage. Moreover, you are also provided with weekend getaways from Bangalore for relaxation and move away from busy life.

Amidst high towers, buildings, industries and luxury hotels, there are places near Bangalore for weekends which are perfect destinations for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, adventure lovers and much more.

weekend getaways from bangalore

If you are searching for weekend getaways near Bangalore, here is the list of top 20 weekend destinations near Bangalore which can be explored and these places will take you far away from robotic life and tech trumpets.

Weekend getaways from bangalore - Top 20 best weekend getaways near bangalore [2017]

1. Coorg

Many a times you come face to face with such places that not only provides relief to your body but also set your soul free from every calamity.

Coorg is one such place in Western Ghats with numerous orchards of coffee and spices along with various types of trees and plants, wildlife and waterfall.

Coorg has mild climate throughout the year and is one of the ideal weekend getaways from Bangalore.

The tourist places to visit in Coorg are Talakaveri, Iruppu Falls, origin of River Kaveri, Abbey Falls, Omkareshwara Temple and many others. You can also have a glimpse of Tibetan culture and a Buddhist Golden Temple is another main attraction of Coorg.

The place is situated at a distance of 260 km form Bangalore.

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2. Yercaud

It is situated at a height of 1515 meters in Shevaroys range of hills in the Eastern Ghats.

Yarcaud is among well-known weekend getaways near Bangalore. Here you will get large amount of Flora and also you get to see more than 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs.

If you want to see wildlife such as bison, deer, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, snakes and several others, this is the best place and you also get to capture photographs and also know about them closely.

Yarcaud is situated at a distance of approximately 230 km from Bangalore.


3. Coonoor

Situated at an elevation of 1850 meters from sea level, this place is an ideal place for trekking expeditions and it leads into Nilgiri blues.

This place is situated near Ooty at a distance of 20 km and is one of the famous tourist spots.

The major attractions of this place are Sim’s Park, Dlophin’s Nose, Lamb’s Rock, and Toy train or Nilgiri Mountain Railways that runs between Coimbatore ad Ooty.

Coonoor is a popular weekend getaway from Bangalore and is situated at a distance of 290 km from Bangalore.

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4. Wayanad

Keeping onto the Bangalore – Mysore Highway and from there on National Highway 212, takes you to the blend of nature profound into 'God's Own Country', for perfect weekend getaways in Bangalore,i.e., Wayanad in Kerala.

With the spiritualist mountain seriousness, lavish greenery specked with paddy fields, tea and spice gardens and lakes, makes Wayanad a standout amongst the most exotic weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Regardless, Wayanad is additionally a home to a few tribes that represents an indigenous culture that pulls in the travelers and various foreign voyagers.

A drive of 270 km from Bangalore will take you to Wayanad.​


5. Bandipur National Park

One looking for exotic weekend trip from the Bangalore city tidy and nerd noise may direct his wheels to Bandipur National Park, which is around 80 kilometers from Mysore and 70 kilometers from Ooty.

Bandipur National Park, covering a region of 874 square kilometers, is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is a home to a various species of birds, animals and plants.

The major attractions are tigers, panthers, Indian mammoth squirrels, gaurs and sloth bears among the creature species and nectar scavangers, red-headed vultures, Indian vultures, flowerpeckers and diverse types of falcons among the flying creature species.

The generally observed creatures and birds are elephants, chital and gray langurs and peafowl and drongos.

Bandipur National Park is likewise well known for facilitating elephant safaris and jeep safaris for Bangalore weekend getaways. The morning safari begins from 6 and ends at 9 and the evening safari begins from 4 and proceeds till 6.

There are a lot of choices accessible where you can accommodate yourself and experience the quiet feel broken by the buzzing and whispering sounds from the woods.

This weekend trip is at a distance of 220 km from Bangalore.

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6. Ooty

This is among most famous and loved weekend destinations for love birds, families, and people seeking for some escape from hustle and bustle of life.

Ooty is situated at a height of 2240 meters from sea level. This place provides you an opportunity to see the gentle rolling hills and large trees of Pine forest. You are facilitated with an opportunity to breathe fresh air throughout the year.

Moreover, you can also visit lakes which are surrounded by lush green forests and enjoy the picnic with your loved ones. You also get to visit the colonial history of India which is reflected by several buildings.

Major tourist attractions here include Doddabetta Peak, Pykara river, Kamaraj Sagar Dam, Avalanche Lake and much more. The toy train ride from Ooty to Coonoor is the important tourist attraction and makes this place one of the best Bangalore weekend getaways.

Ooty is situated at a distance of 270 km from Bangalore.

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7. Nagarhole National Park

This place is a rejuvenating weekend trip from Bangalore. It houses several wildlife creatures and is famous place among nature enthusiasts.

Nagarhole National Park is situated at a distance of 80 km from Mysore and 120 km from Bandipur. The park is situated in the area of 643 square kilometers and is also a part of Niligiri Biosphere Reserve.

This park has a rich forest blanket, hills, water streams and valleys along with wildlife which is under consideration by UNESCO World Heritage National Park. Here you can find some endangered spices of animals and birds.

You can find here animals like tigers, leopards, wild elephants, deer, wild boars and mongoose. Major bird species includes vultures and eagles. The safari in the morning starts at 6 and continues till 8, and you can enjoy safari from 3:30 and which proceeds at 5:30.

This National Park is situated at 220 km from Bangalore.


8. Mysore

Flanked with historical limits, pilgrimage journey and ecosphere, Mysore is one of the popular weekend trips from Bangalore and it pulls in visitors from various parts of the nation and over the borders.

The city echoes with its radiant history that goes back more than 700 years and mirrors the diorama of the Kingdom of Mysore from its sparkling illustrious legacy.

The interesting city likewise gloats with markets, magnificient monuments, cosmopolitan culture and amicable masses.

It is likewise a flourishing Centre for the creation of premium silk, sandalwood and incense.

The significant vacation spots in Mysore are the Mysore Palace, Lalitha Mahal, Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, St. Philomena's Church and Mysore Zoo.

Enclosing the city of Mysore, Srirangapatna and Shivanasamudra Falls are two getaway destinations for tourists, who want to know both heritage and nature from close.

Mysore is approximately 180 km far from Bangalore.


9. Belur

Belur is situated in the Hassan district and is a heritage site that surpasses in the architectural works of Hoysala Empire.

The major tourist attractions her are Chennakeshava temple complex which has Chennakesava Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is surrounded by Kappe Chennigraya Temple.

It was built by Shantaladevi, Queen of King Vishnuvardhana. You can also visit the Pushkarni, the stepped well, located at the right side of the entrance.

This one of the weekend getaways near Bangalore is approximately 230 km away.

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10. Badami

Known for its wonderful rock-cut cave temples and red sandstone cliffs, Badami, shows the splendid engineering works of the compelling Chalukya Empire and is counted as one of the popular weekend getaways near Bangalore.

Turning back the pages of Archeological Survey of India, the stone cut Badami Cave Temples were carven for the most part between the sixth and eighth centuries.

There are four cave temples that speak to the disrespectful idea of the emperors at that point, with tolerance and devotion following that inclines towards Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Cave 1 is devoted to Shiva, and Caves 2 and 3 are committed to Vishnu, while Cave 4 shows reliefs of Jain Tirthankaras.

Another real fascination is the Badami Fort that is on the east of Bhuthnatha sanctuary, on a cliff appropriate inverse the Badami cave sanctuaries.

Badami is situated at a distance of 510 km from Bangalore.


11. Hampi

One of the well-known weekend destinations in India, Hampi, the ancient capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that host a few landmarks showing the former culture.

It is roughly 8 hours of drive from Bangalore. Even though a significant part of the design works inside the stronghold is in demolish, however it holds a few temples, civil buildings and military structures.

The stone chariot at Vittala complex is one of the real attractions in Hampi. The other famous sites are the sacred pushkarani or tank situated on the eastern side of Krishna sanctuary.

Hampi is approximately 370 km ​ away from Bangalore.

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12. BR Hills

The Biligiriranga Hills, frequently called as BR Hills, is a course of lush green moving slopes that goes about as a biological traverse associating the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats.

Moreover, it is among famous weekend getaways near Bangalore.

The BR Hills are yet another perfect end of the week getaway. The area houses more than 800 types of plants from different species and demonstrates a nearby liking toward the Western Ghats.

Further, it additionally pulls in and gets the attention of several wildlife lovers. The region likewise gloat with a few types of creatures and birds and the most obvious warm blooded creatures are the groups of wild elephants.

Other mammals include sambhar, chital, the shy yapping deer which are very common here and the uncommon four-horned antelope.

It is located at a distance of 180 km from Bangalore.

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13. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills are very famous weekend getaways from Bangalore. These hills have an elevation of 1479 meters and also you are provided with mesmerizing sightseeing opportunities along with amazing place for trekking.

Taking a cycling tour or a team trekking will not only rejuvenate you but will also develop a stronger bond between all your team members. Moreover, it is a perfect exercise and activity to boost team spirit.

Nandi Hills are 60 km far from Bangalore.

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14. Pondicherry

Barely any drive for a profound break, few drive for a beach weekend getaways from Bangalore and few to investigate the curious French colonies, Pondicherry is one of the surprising getaways from Bangalore.

The significant attractions in Pondicherry are the Promenade Beach, Paradise Beach,

The Auroville Beach and Serenity Beach; Sri Aurobindo Ashram; Auroville; Children's Park and Dupleix Statue, Gandhi statue, Nehru Statue, Le Café, French War Memorial, nineteenth Century Light House, Bharathi Park, Governors Palace, French War Memorial, Romain Rolland Library, Legislative Assembly, Pondicherry Museum and the French Institute of Pondicherry at Saint-Louis Street.

Pondicherry is roughly 310 km away from Bangalore.

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15. Kannur

Want to get on a beach to enjoy the weekend? Kannur provides you the opportunity to get close to the beach and is considered as one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Here you can enjoy the exclusive coastal waterfront and give some favor to your taste buds with spicy Malabar delicacies.

Furthermore, the cultural programs of Looms and Lora industries and other folk art which takes place in temples simply pull the travellers from all around the world. You can find here many places to visit.

Major attractions are St. Angelo Fort, Arakkal Museum, Mopla Bay and oodles of temples. And you also get to explore the Thottada Beach and Meenkunnu Beach.

Kannur is 315 km away from Bangalore.


16. Ramanagara

Do you remember Ramgarh from movie Sholay? Yes, you are right the actual name of Ramgarh is Ramanagara. It has huge rocks and boulders dot the topography of this place.

The hills offers you a chacnce to go on trekking and participate in other adventurous sports such as rappelling, rock climbing, high rope traversing and much more.

A popular Bangalore getaways at a distance of 55 km.


17. Microlight Flying in Bangalore

There are numerous beautiful places in Bangalore. It hosts various engaging and entertaining activities and provides a perfect weekend destinations.

The Micro Light Flying Adventure in Bangalore with your friends and family is not going to let you get bored even for a minute. Witness the ariel views of Namma Bengaluru.

You get to enjoy the flight for 20 minutes and in these 20 minutes of ride you will be introduced to the stunning views of the city.

This flying activity can be enjoyed at Yelhanka which is situated in the suburbs of Bangalore. To take the ride, reach at Jakkur Airfield during anytime of the day. You also get to fly over the city at the height of 40,000 ft.

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18. Kanakapura

At a short distance from the city, you can appreciate a peaceful time out peppered with a touch of adventure activities at Kanakapura. Cherish every moment on one of the best short trips from Bangalore.

At the nature adventure camp, there is no lack of adventure interests to enjoy and occupy your time. You can enjoy water sports, go canoeing and even participate in an oar boating.

Enjoy the delights of nature at the Nature Camp in Kanakapura while appreciating the nature’s beauty.

The location is just 65 km away from the Bangalore city.

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19. Anthargange

Anthargange is considered as the most popular weekend getaways near Bangalore, especially among those people who are interested in trekking and cave exploration.

At Anthargange range you can easily find hillrocks and caves, which are formed as a result of volcanic rocks and boulders. Therefore, it is considered as an ideal place for hiking and other adventurous activities.

Anthargange rane is at a distance of just 68 km from Bangalore.


20. Mangalore

A major and popular city of Karnataka is considered as one of the top-notch weekend getaways near Bangalore. It lies in between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats.

It is a major bustling centre of enconomy and houses some hidden gems like Someshwar beach, Surathkal Beach and Tannibharvi Beach.

When you will visit Surathkal Beach you can see a rustic lighthouse on its boundries, which is among major tourist attractions.

This place is approximately 350 km far from Bangalore city.


This list of 20 weekend getaways near Bangalore is popular among people living in this city. By visiting these places you can get a major break from your hectic schedule and also get a chance to calm your mind and relax.

So, which place are you planning to visit this weekend? Do let us know by commenting below. And if you think we have missed some other weekend getaways near Bangalore, don’t hesitate to share that place with us by using the comment section below.

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